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I purposely do not offer a

home search engine on my site;

here's why...

You can search for homes on any agent or company's site and on all the popular real estate listing sites, and you will find all the same homes because they all get their information from the same multi-list feed,

so if you can find the homes yourself,

why do you need an agent

when purchasing a home?

As a potential Buyer, if you really want your interests represented, an agent who will negotiate on your behalf, focuses on services that benefit you, and is knowledgeable about the things that are important to a Buyer, you need a Buyer’s Agent to work with and for you.

What a Buyer’s Agent does for You:

A Buyer’s Agent pledges to work for the Buyer:

●  To seek property that best fits the Buyer’s needs

●  To review pricing policies and trends

●  To help the Buyer analyze and select neighborhoods, schools, driving distances, a closing attorney, etc.

●  To negotiate on behalf of the Buyer

●  To provide assistance and guidance with mortgages, insurance, warranties, inspections, repairs, etc.

All with the objective of making the purchase process beneficial to you, the Buyer!

In addition, in order for there to be a Buyer Agency relationship between Buyer and Agent, it must be in writing with a Buyer Agency Agreement.  More on the Buyer Agency Agreement...

The Buyer Agency Agreement is a contract between a Buyer and Agent/Broker that outlines the terms under which an Agent/Broker will represent and work for Buyer in searching for and buying a property.  The Buyer Agency Agreement or some form of it is required in order for an Agent/Broker to formally and legally represent a Buyer and protect their interests in searching for and buying a property.

REMEMBER, if you do not have a Buyer Agency Agreement with an Agent/Broker, then the Agent/Broker does not represent you, you must have one in place to protect your interests and have a professional on your side when buying a property.  ALSO, if the only agent involved with the sale of a property is the Listing Agent, then either the Buyer is not represented at all, or the agent represents both parties, in either case, it might be a good idea for the Buyer to hire their own Buyer Agent and have someone looking out for and negotiating on behalf of only them (and typically Buyer Agents are paid by the Listing Broker for bringing a Buyer, so Buyer Agent services are most times at no or minimal cost to the Buyer, it's really a no brainer to have a Buyer Agent).

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